• Laser Hair Removal- Upper Lip-Women $29 
  •  Laser Hair Removal-Chin-Women $29 
  •  Laser Hair Removal - Upper Lip & Chin -Women $49 
  •  Laser Hair Removal-Sideburns-Women $59 
  • Laser Hair Removal-Face-Women $89             Laser Hair Removal-Face-Men $109 
  •  Laser Hair Removal-Underarms-Women $49           Laser Hair Removal-Underarms-Men $79 
  •  Laser Hair Removal-Stomach-Women $59            Laser Hair Removal-Shoulders-Men $89
  • Laser Hair Removal-Standard Bikini-Women $79     Laser Hair Removal-Half Back-Men $159
  • Laser Hair Removal-Brazilian Bikini-Women $149    Laser Hair Removal-Full Back-Men $199
  • Laser Hair Removal-Chest -Women $149            Laser Hair Removal-Chest -Men $149
  • Laser Hair Removal-Partial Arms-Women $109 
  •  Laser Hair Removal-Full Arms-Women $169           Laser Hair Removal-Full Arms-Men $199
  • Laser Hair Removal-Partial Legs-Women $179
  • Laser Hair Removal-Full Legs-Women $299              Laser Hair Removal-Full Legs-Men $399 

 Laser Hair Removal is a no downtime, non-invasive method for permanently reducing unwanted hair. Whether it’s facial or body hair, this treatment utilizes laser intense pulse light to destroy the follicle of the hair, which inhibits the hair growth. Laser Hair removal is for all skin type, but most effective for light skin and dark hair. It will not work effectively on finer, light hair such as peach fuzz. Minimum 6 treatments. Treatments are required every 4-6 weeks till the results are achieved.