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Signature Facials - Sensitive/ Acne Prone Skin


RS2 Calming Facial $130-170

A calming facial that hydrates skin while strengthening capillaries and promoting an evenly toned appearance. This facial is designated for Rosacea skin. A radical solution for hypersensitive skin, this alleviating treatment therapy provides soothing relief and visible results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness, and irritability.


Oxygenating Facial $130-170

A facial Designated for stressed, acne prone skin. This facial stimulates oxygenation and circulation within the skin, destroys the bacterias, rejuvenating stressed or acne skin as it draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow.

Yonka Paris

Hydralessence Facial $130-170

An Intensive Hydrating facial for dry, dull and aging skin. This facial will help to restore its balance, suppleness, and softness by the softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts; the use of two nourishing masques and the application of a repairing, hydration-reactivating duo. After this facial your skin is renewed, soothed, and rebalanced; softness and beauty are restored.

Essential White Signature Facial $140-160

A facial designed to brighten and unify complexion, and control dark spots. This treatment includes a peel that contains skin balancing properties resulting in a 90% more even toned complexion, 73% clearer skin a 90% lighter and brighter complexion.


Shine Stop Facial $100-130

A detox facial for problematic skin. This facial uses seaweed and volcanic earth products, which gives it the capacity to absorb excess oils and eliminate the dirt that can cause the appearance of impurities in the skin while also providing long-lasting and prolonged hydration.

GM. Collin

Sea C Spa Treatment Facials $160-200

Brightening facial boosts up your skin by combining vitamin C, organic mud, and algae. This treatment restores your skin by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, it is a revitalizing treatment that improves microcirculation, cell regeneration and the skin's natural defense mechanisms.


Micro-Retinol Facial $130-170

A no down time retinol peel treatment. This treatment recapture smoother, denser, and younger-looking skin instantly. After this facial you skin will be smooth, hydrated, elasticity will be strengthened, pigmentation will be evened out and you skin will be rejuvenated. For long term effect, it smooths out wrinkles, lightens up acne scars, evens skin tone, and counteracts aging process.