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One Of Our BFFs: Casmara

One Of Our BFFs: Casmara

Hey BFFs, welcome back to BFF Blog! Today we wanted to give a spotlight to one of our partners. Casmara!  We will touch on a bit of background, who they are and some of the treatments we offer that focus on their products!

Casmara was founded in 1974 by José Sequí and Mrs. Agueda García, in Valencia Spain. Together they revolutionized the beauty industry by creating an algae peel off mask in 1979.

With an emphasis on innovation, Casmara has never stopped looking to make the best, scientifically designed, professional products to give the best results to their clients. Using their own labs, they are always in the process of ongoing research to bring you guys the newest innovations.

Their peel off masks, that took the beauty industry by storm, come in a variety of types, all formulated with marine algae extract and different actives to fit the needs of all different skin types. Paired with a signature facial we offer these peel off masks: purifying which is oxygenating and refreshing, shine stop which is mattifying and moisturizing, goji which is full of  antioxidants, re6tense which is firming, rgnerin which is restorative, age defense which is full of prebiotics and probiotics, q10 Intensive which is energizing, skin sensations which is revitalizing, ocean miracle which is firming, elixir cell which is anti-aging, and infinity which is good for overall skin wellness

To introduce a newer member to the team, we also offer a noninvasive microneedling treatment.  This treatment has no need for numbing and has no down time. Paired with a serum best chosen for you your skin will have a completely rejuvenated look and feel. This quick treatment will have your skin looking younger and plumper, along with the long term effects of fine line reduction, age spot and hyperpigmentation reduction and a more even skin tone. The best news is we can also have this treatment done on your body!

You can also get an amazing body treatment with their products. A series of these treatments  can have you feeling summer ready. Firm, reduce cellulite, and sculpt with a treatment with us or you can manage the up keep with an at home kit.

Hopefully, this gave you a little more insight into one of our fabulous partners. Let us know if you give any of these treatments a try! Also, be sure to check out some of the products we carry by them to give yourself an at home spa experience whenever you do your nightly routine. Until next time BFFs!


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