FIRE AND ICE Skin Treatment

FIRE AND ICE Skin Treatment

FIRE AND ICE (A.K.A. Red Carpet Facial)

If you have never heard of the Fire and Ice treatment, it is one you must receive!

What is it?

This treatment combines IPL (Fire) and Ice Globes (Ice) which offers amazing benefits for your skin.

IPL, which is an intense pulsed light Therapy can be used on many different skin conditions and believe it or not even some of the most sensitive types. In this treatment light therapy is used to target pigments within your skin improving texture and uneven skin tone. Whether you have rosacea, hyperpigmentation, &/or acne IPL can be a great option for you.

Ice Globes are mainly used to rejuvenate by stimulating blood circulation and oxygenating your skin. This eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and large pores ultimately tightening your skin. This treatment used by itself has been known to help with lymphatic drainage, inflammation, sinus pressure, pore size and reduce redness. As a plus it aids in products absorption being perfect to use at the end of a facial or a makeup application.

By using this treatment with the IPL it helps to instantly cool, calm and leave your skin glowing.

As we walk into a new season leaving summer behind, this is the perfect treatment to refresh your skin and prepare for the upcoming fall and winter months!


Written by Toni-Anne

Beautyfluff Senior Skin Specialist


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