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BFF Blog: Local Heroes

BFF Blog: Local Heroes

Hello Beautiful BFFs, Welcome back to the BFF Blog! On this week's blog we are going to be talking about our amazing local heroes. At Beautyfluff we have been asking for nominations, assessing our nominees and then delivering the perfect facial in a box or care package to them. The purpose of this giveaway is to show local heroes how much they mean to the community and that their work does NOT go unnoticed. During these tough times we need to stick together as a community and continue to spread love, happiness and positivity. Some inspiring stories are:

A Tower Operator at MTA, Dyanesha Pryor. During COVID-19 MTA never stopped working, therefore, Dyanesha never stopped working. She gives train signals and moves tracks which allows for the trains to continue to run. By going into work every day during Covid-19, Dyanesha helped ensure that other essential workers were able to safely travel to and from where they needed to go.

A Nurse at Winthrop Hospital, Kelly Rodrigo. During COVID-19 and throughout the shortage in protective gear, Kelly worked many overtime hours caring for her COVID patients. She has a baby at home, yet continues to work day in and day out to help her patients.  

The President of The Growing Love Community Garden, Erika Stehl. The Growing Love Community Garden opened may 2018 with the mission of connecting our community to nature, each other and healthy food. They have 46 privately owned plots and a vertical garden. The vegetables grown are donated to outreach at Our Lady of Fatima Church. On top of these gardens, they also have a teaching bed and are in the process of building a Children’s Garden and Memorial Garden. They are located in the Manorhaven Preserve! 

Some other heroes are:  Joie Veloso, Julie Epstein, Dr. Neil Edson, Nancy Sinoway, Cheryl Fonseca, Ellie Beatus and Mania Princian. These are some, but not all of the amazing local heroes we have on Long Island. 

If you have anyone you wish to nominate, email their story to:


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