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BFF Blog: Ultimate Relaxation Aromatherapy

BFF Blog: Ultimate Relaxation Aromatherapy

On this week's blog we are going to be talking about one of our awesome new treatments, The Ultimate Relaxation Aromatherapy. We are offering this treatment for a limited time only due to COVID-19. Your BFF’s at Beautyfluff came up with this treatment in response to not being able to perform facials during Phase 4 (Yes we are just as disappointed as you are). Throughout the treatment, each client will need to keep their face mask or covering on, which will allow us to safely perform this treatment. The Ultimate Relaxation Aromatherapy Treatment is meant to replace facials for the time being. However, we know many of you have skin concerns that would normally be addressed during facials, so in order to incorporate some skin care into our aromatherapy treatment, we finish the service off with an LED Light Therapy to help address some of your skin concerns.


This treatment has been designed to help rejuvenate you mind, body, and skin, leaving you ready to conquer anything. Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. It uses essential oils to enhance both your physical and mental health, which is just what most people need to help recover form the stay at home order. At Beautyfluff, we will perform a full body Aromatherapy Treatment with a customized a blend of essential oils to address your specific concerns. The oils will be massaged and absorbed into your skin, allowing for them to work their magic. Aromatherapy is said to have many benefits, some of them are:

Improve sleep quality
Manage pain
Reduce stress and anxiety 
Treat headaches and migraines 
Improve digestion
Boost immunity 
And many more



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